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Replacement Marine Heat Exchanger

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We continuously expand our inventory of replacement parts. If you do not see the part you want, call us to see if it has been added since this list was published.

We are able to reproduce, either exactly or with a functionally equivalent part, many out of production or hard to get replacement heat exchangers, cores, tube-stacks etc. If we do not have the part you need, call to see if we can reproduce it from your original.

The exchangers listed include direct replacements, equivalent units and original designs. Call to determine the best fit for your application.

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501176 Detroit 2350 4784 Replacement for Port Engine. Image on right above is for Stbd engine, our P/N 501177.
501177 Detroit 2350 4784 Replacement for Stbd Engine. Image on Right above is for Port Engine.
900025 Detroit Diesel DD 8923146 Replacement Heat Exchanger Enhanced N/A
900121 Detroit Diesel DD 2350-4784 Replacement heat exchanger
400850 Detroit Diesel Detroit 8.2 L Replacement heat exchanger N/A
500707 Detroit Diesel 6-71 NA Engine Replacement heat exchanger for Detroit Diesel 6-71 NA. This is the miror image of our P/N 400542 for Port and Stbd installations.
400782 Detroit Diesel 8923146 Replacement heat exchanger N/A
400542 Detroit Diesel 6-71 NA Engine Replacement heat exchanger for the Detroit Diesel 6-71 NA. This is the mirror image of our P/N 500707, for Port and Stbd installations.
500589 Gray Marine 64 HN9 Engine cooler
500590 Gray Marine 64 HN9 Oil Cooler
400822 Hino WO 4 / 834051020 Replacement heat exchanger N/A
300492 Hino WO 6 / 834051080 Replacement heat exchanger
300029 Hino EH 700 / 834051030 Replacement heat exchanger
501443 Indmar LT-1 1995 Replacement heat exchanger N/A
501254 Isuzu 4 LE 35 HP Replacement Heat Exchanger for engine cooling
900065 Isuzu 12 HP Replacement heat exchanger
400533 Isuzu 13 KW Replacement heat exchanger
500653 Isuzu 6BB1 120-130HP Replacement heat exchanger
900076 John Deere JD 6404 D Replacement Heat Exchanger Equivalent N/A
500820 John Deere R114116, RE504480 Replacement core for JD 6068 engine. Current part number R114116 (formerly P/N RE504480).
500329 Kohler 344928 Replacement heat exchanger
500665 Kubota KUBOTA 03 V2003, V2203, V2403 heat exchanger N/A
900070 Kubota 12KW V-1305 Replacement heat exchanger
500521 Lehman 2C209 Replacement heat exchanger
500108 Lehman After cooler Element SP 225 Replacement Heat Exchanger Element
  Results 51 - 75 of 213  1 2 3 4 5 »  

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