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Manifold Marine Cooling System Kits

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We have produced a few aluminum manifold systems which fit the cooling requirements for specific engines. This section features the systems which are designed for particular Kubota and Isuzu engines.
Each of these systems is sold either as a system, or as individual parts. Both are designed to accommodate the cooling requirements of the engine under full continuous load at maximum rated RPM.

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Item #

Engine Manufacturer

Engine Size



500266 Isuzu 3CD1 Manifold Assembly
500267 Isuzu 3CD1 Forward End Cap
500268 Isuzu 3CD1 After End Cap
400955 Isuzu 3CD1 Core
500104 Isuzu 3CD1 Exhaust Ell
500270 Isuzu 3CD1 Manifold
400953 Isuzu 3CD1 T-Stat Housing
500272 Isuzu 3CD1 Connector
500361 Kubota D 1005 Manifold Assembly without exhaust Ell
500104 Kubota D 1005 Exhaust Ell N/A
500102 Kubota D 1005 Core
500360 Kubota D 1005 Manifold Assembly N/A
500103 Kubota D 1005 Thermostat housing N/A
500363 Kubota D 1005 Keel Cooled Manifold N/A
  Results 1 - 14 of 14 1 

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