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Stock Designs

These Heat Exchangers are stock designs, not associated with any particular engine. These offer a starting point for further customization, if desired, to develop a heat exchanger for unique or previously unencountered circumstances.

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Cabin Heat

Exchangers for cabin heating service are designed as single pass on both the shell and tube side to minimize pressure drop through the system. Connections are set for ease of mounting on the deck or bulkhead. No fill neck is mounted on the exchanger, as a separate fill neck (optionally with a reservoir) must be mounted in a 'high point' position to supply heating fluid to the circulating loop on the shell side.

This exchanger is illustrated without a mounting bracket. We have mounting brackets for virtually any mounting configuration. The exchanger is mounted on the bracket with cushioning material, and held in position with stainless steel clamps (not shown). All exchangers are supplied with a grounding lug. A zinc anode is not ...

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Heat Exchanger


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Oil Cooler

Oil coolers are designed for cooling engine or transmission oil. Ours are constructed of copper shells, with copper end fittings brazed in place, and either Copper or Copper-Nickel internal tubes. This oil cooler is illustrated without a mounting bracket. We have mounting brackets for virtually any mounting configuration. Most oil coolers are supplied with a drain connection (illustrated). A zinc anode may be fitted on request. All Raw Water and Coolant connections are beaded hose connections. Other styles and dimensions are available on request. Connection configurations may also be specified to meet your individual system requirements.

We produce oil coolers for higher pressures using either copper or brass shell material and ...

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